About me

Graduated from Universitas Padjadjaran taught me that learning communication should go along with experiences, and that made me involved in publicrelations.id, seratussatuPR,  nCode Digital to practice my skills. And spend a year with Medulab as Marcomm Staff.

Currently working with 23 Paskal as Social Media Officer. In the moment, I stay in Bandung for music, art and opportunities. Wanna collaborate?

What I can do for you

Communication process is a really wide landscape of practices, I’m suitable for every phase but for now I’m focusing myself on social media, strategy, and branding. What I can do for you :

  • Create contents for you
  • Make communication strategies
  • Do researches for your communication needs
  • Give you a massage (trust me, i’m good with this)
  • Anything else? just let me know over coffee 😉

What people told about me

“Best partner for every activities and ideas.”

Alf Ghibran P., 26,  Strategic Planner

“”Nizam has an outstanding effort to adapt and get outside his comfort zone. His eagerness to learn new things also comes in handy to face the ever-changing variables in the business world.”

Arif Iskandar, 25, IT Consultant

“Nizam is young, highly motivated and had a good attitude. You will never disappointed working with him.”

Farissan R.D.,  26, Photographer & Post-Graduate UNSW